A Year of Exploring Home and Belonging

One and apart is a project of new songs from Karoline companied by writings in retrospective reflecting upon her experiences of immigrating from Denmark to California.

“In 2011 I moved from Denmark to California. It’s been a journey both outwards and inwards. Needless to say it has brought up many questions and opportunities to explore the idea of home. These thoughts have inspired songs and writings: some of the songs are already written - and some not. Some songs are based on recordings and diary scribbles from my first year in L.A. Others I am writing at this moment, reflecting on and looking back at the events with new eyes.”

The songs and short stories were first published once a month from Oct 2014 to Sept 2015. Karoline is currently working on releasing One and Apart in a new revised form.

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Press clips

Once again a very special tone and mood ... blissfully impossible to put into any genre box" - 

Pelle Sonne Lohmann, GAFFA

"Here is something as rare as an original artistic temperament at play. Hushed, special and urgent, she is addictive as a drug and completely impossible to get out of the system." 

Klaus Lynggard, Information



“… Magnificent musical landscapes both bright, futuristic, sophisticated and enchanting. This artistic turn is ultimately surprising…”

 Sabine De Greef, With Music In My Mind


“Harmonic fullness and startling beauty…”

Jean Pierre Moya , Rockomondo


“A voice that can melt the darkest of hearts…”

Music From Another Surface

To Wake You (new project)

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