“This group writes literate, evocative, lovely songs…Prepare to be amazed by these award-winning songsmiths! – Glen Starkey, New Times SLO

 “This band is ready!”  - Alton DeHaan, KCPR Cal Poly Radio

 “Your concert was one of the most beautiful soul stirring, heart felt concerts I have ever been to. The words sang were so real, sweet, penetrating and soo much more.  The instrumentation was woven together like a fine Turkish rug.  The vocals and harmonies were Heaven sent - going straight to the heart.”  – Valerie Johnson, a fan

Mark Davis, Karoline Hausted, Bob & Wendy.
Three strong, distinct songwriters and a cellist.

They were first introduced to each other two years ago in San Luis Obispo by a mutual friend. After several hikes and dinners, and of course lots of jamming, the four discovered a musical chemistry. It seemed inevitable that they would begin co-writing, influencing and inspiring each other, and that is what has happened.


Press clips

Once again a very special tone and mood ... blissfully impossible to put into any genre box" - 

Pelle Sonne Lohmann, GAFFA

"Here is something as rare as an original artistic temperament at play. Hushed, special and urgent, she is addictive as a drug and completely impossible to get out of the system." 

Klaus Lynggard, Information



“… Magnificent musical landscapes both bright, futuristic, sophisticated and enchanting. This artistic turn is ultimately surprising…”

 Sabine De Greef, With Music In My Mind


“Harmonic fullness and startling beauty…”

Jean Pierre Moya , Rockomondo


“A voice that can melt the darkest of hearts…”

Music From Another Surface

To Wake You (new project)

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